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You don't have to take any chances. Creating a legal document customised for your business is easy and we'll guide you all the way.

Simply choose your document, answer the questions and we'll deliver a made-to-measure fixed price document. It's that easy!

And remember not only are all the documents provided by Lightwork Business available securely online from anywhere and at any time. They are created and regularly updated by expert lawyers so you can be sure they are up-to-date and of high quality.


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Intellectual Property Pack

Intellectual property (IP) is something unique that you physically create. Every business will own some form of IP, and therefore like any business asset it's important that your business takes care of it and protects it!

One way non disclosure agreement (NDA)

Protect your ideas, protect your business. Takes 5 minutes!

Two way non disclosure agreement (NDA)

Share information and stay assured it will remain confidential.

Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement

Make sure your company owns its own assets. Protect your business in less than 10 minutes!

Website Pack

All businesses have websites and with a website comes users. Your business therefore needs to make clear what rules govern the online relationship that is established as soon as any user hits your homepage!

Website Privacy and Cookie Policy

A must for any website that uses cookies and collects personal details and non-personal information from its users. Only takes a few minutes!

Website Use Policy

A must for any website. Makes it clear how you protect your users and how they can and cannot use your company website.

Business Pack

Dealing with the everyday legal complexities of setting up and running a business can seem daunting, not to mention costly. So let us help you sort out shareholdings, navigate negotiations and safeguard your finances!

Shareholders Agreement

A Shareholders agreement is your insurance policy - get it in writing!


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