Why use video to promote your business?

The purposes of having a video marketing strategy are to increase your sales, inform your consumers about news products, and promote your brand name. Because video is a fundamental tool for strong content and a good social media strategy, it is necessary to understand why you should use them. A video does not just introduce your business, it allows you to grab the attention of a range of viewers who might become potential clients.

In tune with the times

One third of all online activity is spent watching video. Therefore the need to have video content appears, because it is easy to incorporate in every web pages. Eighty-seven percent of online marketers use video content and, according to Aberdeen, companies using video enjoy 41 percent more web traffic from search than non-video users. This is how they know that their businesses are increasing.

Target a wide audience

Because of the speed of the Internet and all the likes and shares, your audience will be extended if you use video marketing. You can reach a wider range of users, who might be brought by other content or another social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Vimeo. You could make a profit if the video drove people into buying something because it appealed to their emotions.

A lot in a few seconds

There are lots of advantages to videos compared to plain texts and images. Fifty-nine percent of executives would rather watch a video than read a text. Dr. James McQuivey estimates that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. By simple calculations, he deduced that a picture equals 1,000 words. Video shoots 30 frames per second. Therefore, every second of video is worth 30,000 words. Multiply 30k by 60 seconds, which is a common length for an explainer video, and you get 1.8 million.

Build trust

Sixty-five percent of executives visit the marketer’s website, 50 percent of them look for more information after seeing a product or a service in a video and 39 percent call a vendor after viewing a video. Clients build their trust on their first impression, so think about the best way to create a favorable and professional image, to show that you care about it and that you want to capture attention. For example, at Catch Creative, we always produce and release a video which corresponds to the client’s need, whether it is a digital, a TV production or an animation.


Catch Creative is an award winning production company based in London and founded in 2010. Read more at http://www.catchcreative.co.uk or you can also reach them at info@catch21.co.uk.

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