Top 5 tips on choosing a company name

Choosing a name for your company can be trickier than you think but it is worth spending the time on.

A clever name will attract business to your company and will grab your target audience’s attention, instantly establishing a connection with them so that it sticks in their minds. It can be a great idea to play with language and invent a name by combining words that sound good together and convey the central theme of your business concept.

Alternatively it can be an equally good idea to keep it simple and use your company name to make it clear exactly what it is that your business does.

There are always a number of things to take into account when choosing a company name but here are some tips to help.

1. Make it unique but easy to spell

A complicated spelling is harder to remember and becomes that much more difficult to find in an online search. In trying to be original, make sure that you do not compromise on simplicity.

2. Make it positive

Words express meanings on two levels – the literal and the emotional. The latter is the associated or implied meaning of a word and is influenced by the emotional associations the majority of people have with that word. For example while the word ‘house’ may not evoke any particular feeling, the word ‘home’ by contrast tends to evoke a more positive response as it assocated with being a place of warmth and comfort.

Look for words with positive connotations that make a connection with your target customer base and emphasise the qualities you want them to associate with your business.

3. Keep it simple

Ideally the name you opt for should clearly imply what your start up business is about. This makes it easier for your customers to locate you in online searches and directories. For example it should ideally include words people would type while doing a Google search.

4. Be as short and concise as you can

Again, a shorter name stays better in the memory than long complicated ones. Also a compact and precise name can serve your promotional and marketing objectives better as it displays well on banners and ads, will stay in the memory as a domain name and looks better on a business card.

5. Check out competitor names

This might give you some insights and spark your creativity to come up with a name that really stands apart and establishes that vital connection with your potential customers.

So go ahead – get your creative juices flowing, be adventurous and choose a company name that will be a proud flag bearer for your business and best represent your unique selling point!


What about trade marks and your company name? It's recommended to think about those too.

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