What are sensitive words in a company name?

Sensitive words are words or expressions which when used in a company name could imply a business pre-eminence, status or a specific function. The use of these words therefore requires approval in order to protect the general public from being misled by the name of your company.

Before 31st January 2015 the most commonly used sensitive words were words like 'International', 'Group' and 'Holdings' but the rules then changed and the number of sensitive words requiring approval were reduced.

For a summary of the changes check out our blog article on the options for limited company names. It may help trigger some ideas for a limited company name you previously hadn't thought of! And our company name checker is also set up to flag in real time if you choose a company name with sensitive words and guide you what to do next. So there's no chance of you choosing a name you'll not be able to use!

If you are at all unsure though about a word you wish to include in your company name please just get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help.

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