FREE share certificate template

Download our FREE share certificate template and use it to generate as many share certificates as your UK private limited company needs.

WHAT is a share certificate?

A share certificate is proof of ownership of a share, or shares, in a company. It details key information including:

  • the name and address of the shareholder
  • the number of shares held by the shareholder
  • details of the company issuing the shares
  • the type of shares (e.g. Ordinary)
  • the share price
  • date of issue of the shares, and 
  • a unique share certificate number.

WHY do you need a share certificate?

It's very important that a company provides share certificates to shareholders as it provides proof that the person or business named is a member of the company and holds the shares as stated on the certificate. It also provides a defence against a shareholder's name being mistakenly or fraudulently removed from the register of members. 

Regardless of any certificate however, shares still have had to be correctly transferred, or issued, to the new shareholder and the shareholder’s name needs to be added to the company’s internal register of members.  

WHEN should you have a share certificate?

A company must issue share certificates for its shareholders within two months of the company formation or the date of a new share issue or transfer. 

​WHO can use this share certificate template?

This FREE downloadable share certificate template is suitable for use by a limited company by shares registered in England and Wales. It can be used for:

  • new shareholders
    • in a recently formed company
    • in an existing company issuing more shares.
  • existing shareholders
    • receiving transferred shares
    • that have lost their certificates.

HOW do I use this share certificate template?

Simply download the FREE template and replace the text in red capitals surrounded by square brackets with the correct information in uncapitalised form. If your company has only one director then just his/her signature is needed on the share certificate, otherwise two directors or one director and the company secretary should sign the certificate.

If the company has more than one class of shares, this share certificate template is suitable for use in connection with all the different classes, but a separate share certificate should be issued for each class.