FREE limited company statutory registers template

Download our FREE limited company statutory registers template and use it to create up-to-date official records for your limited company.

Every company in the UK is required to keep up-to-date statutory registers - the official records of a company relating to all legal and statutory matters. A UK company's statutory registers must be available for public inspection on request at the registered office during reasonable office hours unless an alternative address has been recorded at Companies House.

Also referred to as statutory books, company registers or company books, these are a statement at any one time of the ownership structure and control of a company.

They include the:

  • Register of company directors and secretaries
  • Register of company directors' residential addresses
  • Register of members and share ledger (i.e. the register of shareholders)
  • Register of People with Significant Control or PSC register, and
  • Register of mortgages and charges.

HOW do I use this statutory registers template?

Simply download the FREE limited company statutory registers template and replace the text in red capitals surrounded by square brackets with the correct information in uncapitalised form.


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