Join the banking revolution through Lightwork

Lightwork Business are delighted to partner with Metro Bank to offer you the best in business banking for entrepreneurs.

Every limited company requires a business bank account to start trading and now you can make it even easier to get your business started by choosing to open a Metro business bank account seamlessly with one our great company packages.

We know that getting started in business involves a long “to-do” list. We are here to make things even simpler for you through our partnership with Metro.

Like all of us here at Lightwork Business, Metro Bank believe in a different type of business. The type that makes things as hassle free as possible. The kind that gets things done in hours and not weeks, leaving you more time to focus on the things that make a difference to your business.

At Lightwork Business our purpose is simple. We save new and growing businesses time by making ‘light work’ of establishing and running your company. And we are therefore delighted to partner with a bank which offers you everything an entrepreneur and small business owner would expect from a modern day, forward looking and revolutionary bank.

How it works

  • As soon as your company is incorporated through Lightwork, your details will be sent automatically and securely to Metro Bank
  • Metro Bank will contact you to arrange a welcome meeting at a time and branch to suit you, and will instruct you as to what identification and additional information (if any) you need to bring along.
  • Your friendly team at Metro Bank will then be able to set up your company’s business bank account.

Why use Lightwork?

  • Save time and hassle effort by using our 'one stop' process company formation and banking process, making you immediately compliant with the requirements of running a limited company
  • Your account will be activated quicker with our integrated system. We will automatically and securely send your details to Metro.

Why use Metro Bank?

  • Track your banking 24/7 by app, internet banking or their London-based contact centre.
  • Simple, straightforward banking, deposit and lending products with no jargon.
  • Stores open 7 days a week, early and late, 362 days a year.
  • Fast access to lending.
  • Expert advice to structure your banking from your Relationship Manager.

Whatever your business sector, you can benefit from expert banking with Metro’s dedicated sector teams. Metro will understand the challenges you face, thanks to years of sector experience. And they use their knowledge to help find the right solutions for you.


Terms and Conditions

This service is available to limited companies and LLPs with UK resident directors and shareholders. Terms and conditions apply. Some services will be subject to application and status.

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